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For 3 weeks I followed the Paleo Diet and for 2 weeks followed a detox plan with supplements set in place for me by Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. My toxicity score went from a 126 down to a 56, a 70 point difference meaning a 55.6% improvement in my digestion, mood, and aspects of each part of my body. I also lost a total 16 pounds without exercising. I actually have just been sleeping a lot since it’s my “off season” 😂 Today I had my first cup of coffee in nearly a month and that’s my celebratory drink of accomplishment! In the next few weeks I plan to introduce light activity and exercise to help me continue weight loss and to continue with the Paleo diet (no grain, no alcohol, no sugar, no potatoes) with the exception of adding Dairy back into my diet (as long as my digestive system still will tolerate it). If you ever thought to yourself - “there’s no way I could do that I just love ____ too much” - take it from a beer drinking, sugar craving, coffee and pizza addict that A N Y T H I N G is possible if you put your mind to it. Special thanks to Stephanie Zgraggen and Ashley Olson for riding out the same struggle and checking in. ❤

- Erin Rose Raduazo - Erin Rose Photography

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Dear Dr Zgraggen, I wanted to start this email by saying thank you. Your 28 days detox program is amazing. I will be done next Monday and so I wanted to update you a bit. At first, I was very skeptical, I didn’t think I could do it. I kept thinking about the bread, pasta and rice I wouldn’t be eating for 28 days, it seemed like an eternity. I used to force myself not to eat grains for two or three days and then binge on it, so I was scared this would happen again. But it did not. After taking the toxicity quiz, it said I was extremely toxic, and given how bad I was feeling, that now makes sense. I now feel amazing, still a bit bloated and tired some days, but my digestion problems are pretty much gone, I no longer have migraines, my joints hurt less and so on… I don’t even feel like eating grains anymore, I do not crave sweets, processed foods, I am happy to eat and nourish my body, I have discovered many new amazing recipes. Thank you so much for this program!

-Blanche D. - Baltimore, Maryland

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Types of Current Offerings:

Online Programs

My online programs are a deep dive into a topic that includes modules, lessons, videos, handouts, food and supplement guides and online support for your program. These are great when you really want to spend some time on a topic and really do the work and learning to heal!

Mini Courses

Just what it sounds like - a mini -course on a particular topic that includes a masterclass video and downloadable guide. It's a great way to learn a lot on a topic in a short amount of time.

Recipe Packs

Recipes packs are a great way to learn and try a bunch of healthy and delicious recipes that you can make for yourself and your family. They are generally categorized by your topic of interest and include beautiful graphics, shopping lists and recipes.

I started working with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen in August of 2019. I was being over medicated for hypothyroid and wasn’t feeling well. When I told my MD my symptoms, he dismissed me and told me to continue with his recommendations. It was then that I decided to see Dr. Stephanie. After she reviewed lab work she requested, she found the source of the issue. I started her recommendations and within one week felt better. 5 months later, I have my life back. I feel energized and motivated to live the life I was meant to live. I have recommended her to everyone possible because she not only listens and truly cares, but has more knowledge about our bodies than any MD or other practitioner I have met.

Forever grateful.

-Karyla Gaines, M.Ed., M.S., LPC, Dipl. Ac. National Board Certified Acupuncturist and Counselor

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Hello Love!

I’m Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, CNS, CCN, Founder and Clinical Director of Lime and Lotus, LLC in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I'm so happy we've connected!

I'm a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist as well as an author and leading expert in women’s hormones and health. My private practice is centered on functional endocrinology, lifestyle modification and whole food supplementation. My expertise includes functionally evaluating thyroid, adrenals, male and female hormone imbalances, and digestion.

As a functional medicine practitioner and female hormone expert, my mission is to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. I want you to feel sexy, vital, and balanced, which means getting your weight right where you want it, getting your energy and sex drive maximized, and doing it all naturally and safely.

I personally knows what's it's like to not feel your best, to have your hormones rule your world, to not have the energy to be the best mom, spouse or co-worker. I've been there and done that and now I'm here to teach you how to change it naturally and permanently. Today, I feel 100 times better in my 40s than my 20's and it's my mission to share that with you!

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